Monday, September 29, 2008

Erasmus of Provo

On August 30, 2008 we bought a turtle. His name is Erasmus and I am exceedingly fond of him. Erasmus, however, is anti social and likes to stay under neath his basking rock. He still startles easily, which makes sense, because he is a turtle. He seems content though. He eats when he wants to and just loafs about in the water or basks on his rock under his heat lamp when he needs some warming up. We have him on a 'day and night' schedule. His light is not on all 24 hours, so he has a 'night time.' He seems content enough with his food pellets but I give him lettuce from time to time.

In this picture you can see him in all of his majesty. Oh, he is a red-eared slider. Check out the coloring, it's pretty awesome.

Danny and I are also convinced that Erasmus comes out and parties while we are at school/work. We come home, open the door, and behold! Erasmus is on his basking rock! If we are home all day though, he usually does not come out at all. We also suspect he is musical. A couple Sundays ago I was listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir kinda loud (as is appropriate because it sounds even more amazing). And Erasmus started doing this motion with his paw (or claw?) and it looked like he was conducting the music!! It was actually in the correct tempo too. Another time, while Danny was cleaning out the tank, Erasmus was sitting in his box. Danny put the box next to his computer and turned on an Oldies station. When Danny came back from cleaning the tank Erasmus was poking his head out of the box looking at the computer.

Here's a picture of Danny holding Erasmus.
Anyway, that's about sums up Erasmus. Oh, and one of my best pals, Alex, has given Erasmus a full name. Erasmus B. Dragen. I decided that the B stands for Bartholomew.

And one more thing, Erasmus is named after Desiderious Erasmus of Rotterdam, the Renaissance humanist. Yes, I named him. :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Autumn Time! It's a Autumn Time! The Leaves are Falling Down!

Happy Autumn!

I realize my Autumnal greeting falls a day late, but I was doing homework last night! So, to my dear Aunts, and family, do not worry! If am not posting a blog I am most likely doing my homework. My life is just that awesome.

I am ecstatic for the fall weather that we have been having and will continue to have (hopefully for a little bit longer). It is so refreshing to walk outside and not be hit by a blast of heat from the inferno known as summer time- in- Provo. The leaves turn such beautiful and rich shades of red and yellow. My favorites are the bright golden yellow leaves. Especially, the Aspen leaves. It's delightful to walk through the trees and have the leaves fall all around you. Walking through crunchy leaves is always a must have experience during autumn. But also, I will have a girly moment and declare how much I love fall clothes! I simply adore a good pair of jeans, a light sweater, and boots. I love love love boots. I bought a new pair of short boots that look really cute with jeans...and I plan on buying a green sweater that will make my hair look reddish..and..and... Girly moment over. That was almost too much for me. I will redeem myself by saying that I also love football as well. I won't make it to any of the BYU games because of work, but oh boy, I love to hear about them later! I also have a fond spot in my heart for high school football. And football and falling crunchy leaves just go hand in hand.

Poor Danny is not as excited for fall as I am. Gravity will rear it's ugly head and cause all the beautiful leaves to drop on the stairs leading down to our door and all over the yard. Once he will rake up those leaves, the leaves from the park across the street will blow over to ours thanks to that northern wind. This is what happened last year. I guess this is the price to pay for having such gorgeous and large trees all around us. Trees make his wife incredibly happy though, so I think he can bear them. ;)

A note about homework: I am researched out! It seems like all I have been doing that past few days is researching journal articles on PsychEBSCO. I found 15 good ones for my Literature Review in my Psych. writing class. I am researching studies done about Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy with religious patients. There is controversy whether or not REBT works with people who have religion. The rest of the articles, about 4 of them, are about parental attachment in college students. This is for my Psych Testing class. We are studying the levels of attachment in college freshman.

Oh, and another peice of interesting information. (interesting and horrifying). Christmas is here in retail land! My store set up the first of our christmas shop on Sunday and Monday. I really don't know what else to say about this other than "come on people! It just became autumn!" Oh well. It is a nice display we have. The theme is something like 'all things merry.' So, check it out sometime..maybe after Halloween. There are disney themed decorations and I saw some cute penguin things.

Well, it is getting a bit late. I should be off to get my things ready for school tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Work in Progress

I have come to the conclusion that my blog is definitely a work in progress. I found a cute background though, I think. So, keep checking back I guess. Hopefully it will keep improving!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for the Technologically Impaired

Well Howdy! (or how they greet each other in LA "Don't taze me bro!")

Welcome to our little corner of the institution.

I have never 'blogged' before, so this will be a new and wonderful experience! I guess I should start off with some introductions. My name is Cali and I am from Dallas. My husband is named Danny and he is from LA. We enjoy mocking each others respective home states as much as possible. We also think of our marriage as a union between the two greatest states. Much like back in the days of castles and arranged marriages.

Our blog name should now be semi-self explanatory, if it was not all ready. We don't really war with each other, unless you count simple teasing.

Most of these posts will be written by me, Cali. A couple things the reader should be warned about before commencing with further reading.
1: I am not good with grammar. And seeing as how this is not a term paper, I won't take the time to make it absolutely perfect. :p
2: My husband and I are sarcastic. This will manifest itself in the way I write. In fact, you have already been subjected to some mild sarcasm.
3: I will do my best to not let this blog become a place for complaints and negativity. If I do feel the need to vent, I will warn you at the beginning of my post.
4: I do not do well with letting people know the 'real me.' Hopefully with this blog, I can express myself and more of my thoughts. (I don't think of myself as one of those horribly misunderstood people, I am just more guarded than I should be.)
5: I usually write the same way I think, so good luck! ;)
6: I am excessively fond of lists.

Well, I think that just about does it.

Oh, Danny and I are both students. We have a lot of homework. We both have jobs. But more on that to follow. I need to go find addresses to send invites to my blog first! :D