Friday, May 15, 2009

Good News


I am so proud of this guy! Danny is, by nature, such a hard and dedicated worker. He is also very smart.

Anyway, this means we will be here for at least another 1.5 years.

Starting in August he will be a Graduate Student.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, I'm not good at remembering to write in a journal, I guess this translates to a blog too.

Well, since I last wrote Danny and I finished up our semester. Danny's grades were amazing! That guy is so smart! Three of my grades were good and two were not so good. It was a rough semester. My best grade was an A- in my Adolescent Development class.

Let's see, we finally have seen all the bills from my appendectomy. We were able to pay off the smaller ones as they came. My dad helped with the hospital stay and we are taking care of the rest.

We also finally took the car into a shop. We decided to fix it. And we are praying that nothing else goes wrong with it for a couple years. We thought about getting a nice used car and we have enough for a down payment on it, but not quite enough for the monthly payments after that. Anyway, Lenny should be done on Friday. I am so excited to have our car back. I really miss driving. I actually enjoy driving.

My maternal grandparents were in town over the past couple of days. We had a great time. I showed them around campus and we had lunch at the Cougar Eat. Yesterday we went to Mt. Timpanogos Cave. I was very impressed that my grandparents, who are in their 70s made it up the 1.5 mile hike. It was steep. We did take a few breaks, but Danny and I welcomed them too. ;) The cave was amazing! My grandparents went to the cave 55 years ago when they were courting. We also enjoyed time visiting and playing cards.

Oh ya, we went to California for our friends wedding. It was a lovely wedding. Good visit to California too. We will be back there in June for Erick's homecoming. Danny's brother gets back on June 18th. Unfortunately I will not be there for that. See, I work in Men's Suits still...and Father's day is that Sunday. Fathers day is our second busiest time of the year. I talked to my boss and he was good with me opening the Saturday before and then taking a night flight to California. So Danny will head out sometime before his brother gets in and I will follow a few days later.

I am bummed about his arrangement because I have to go later and miss greeting Erick at the airport. And Danny and I haven't been apart since two years ago actually. I know this sounds pathetic but it has just worked out like that. We haven't spent a night apart since we've been married and while we were dating we only missed a day of seeing each other. I've been kind of fond of being spoiled like that. So I guess for a couple of days I will be single. I don't know what I'll do. Maybe I will eat food Danny doesn't approve of and watch a girly movie. ;)

Yesterday, I managed to cut my heel open. There was a piece of metal hanging off a corner of the trunk that doubles as our coffee table and me, with my natural grace, stepped backwards on it. Of course this was after a cool hike which I came off without incident (except for a bruise on my leg when I ran into a bench), and then I get attacked by my trunk. It is pretty deep and bled a lot. It was slightly funny because Danny was in the kitchen and when I realized what happened I told him to stay in there. Danny doesn't do well with blood and deep cuts and him getting all queasy wasn't going to help anything. ;) But I cleaned it and got the bleeding to stop mostly. Grandma had some tape that I taped it up with so we could go out to eat. No big deal. It just hurts. So I have been hobbling around and trying not to put too much weight on my heel because...ouch.

That is all the excitement going on around here.

Summer is awesome. I've been working and loafing about reading and watching movies. Good times.