Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finals are over

First of all, I would like to share my joy and excitement about my alma matter-
It is the first time in Allen High School history that they have won state. Winning the football state championship in Texas is a pretty huge deal. I mean, it's huge everywhere...but those Texans sure love their football. So, the Eagles were Div. 1 5-A state champs. Gotta love it.

Danny and I are both through with finals. We now get to enjoy a lovely break before diving headlong into another semester.

We do not have our final grades yet. Danny will have and A and B semester. I may have a C in one of my classes, it will depend on how everything works out. I have no idea how well my papers will do. Other than that it should be As and Bs for me as well. Hoorah!

Finals week was pretty intense but we made it. Danny had all his tests done Tuesday. He had a computer program that he turned in on Thursday. I had all my tests done by Wednesday then worked the rest of the week on editing THREE papers and making a presentation. I got a 91% on my presentation, by the way. That is exciting.

I realized that I will be working every day for a week straight. Yuck. I worked Thursday, and a few hours yesterday. I was at the store at 5:30 am this morning. I close tomorrow (at midnight). Monday is a 'normal' shift and then Tuesday and Wednesday I go into work at 6:30am. Yikes! It will be nice when Christmas Day rolls around.

Danny and I leave for the great state of Texas on Friday. I am very excited about this.

And that is basically all that is going on.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Finals are almost here!

Tomorrow is my last day of classes! Thursday is Danny's last day of classes! This is very exciting. We are both looking forward to our Christmas Break. Danny has big plans to play with legos and I have big plans to read as much as I can. Of course we will watch or traditional Christmas movies too. (I LOVE It's A Wonderful life!!!) However, to enjoy that fun stuff we both have to make it through finals relatively unscathed.

Danny is working on another computer program. Then he just has his finals to do. I still have some extra credit to work on then finals, and three papers due and one presentation. *groan*

Speaking of presentations, last week Danny and his business group did this week long project. Basically they took everything they have learned over the past two and a half months and shoved it into a week long project. Each group was given a case and then had to design a program for this business. The style was a sales pitch type thing. Why the company should use their program. Well, Danny's group did SO GOOD! They presented in front of one professional, one teacher, and one grad student. Such phrases were used as "you nailed it!" and "I haven't seen a presentation this good in a long time." In other words, Danny and his group totally rocked! We are both very happy about this.

Not too much else is going on. Our house is decorated for Christmas. I will have to take pictures.