Friday, March 27, 2009

A General Update on Life

This is a general update for all those who feel so inclined to read.

We had a good time with my cousin Melissa here despite not really being able to go any where. She was a good sport and walked when we had to go to campus and stuff.

School is starting to wind down. There are only three weeks left and then finals! I can't believe how fast this semester flew by. My grades aren't exactly stellar this time around. It has been a very rough and intense semester for me.
Danny is doing very well though.

Probably the most interesting thing right now is that Danny and I are finally experiencing one of those stressful young married couple financial things! That sounds really bizarre, I know. I thought of that the other day. Danny and I have been extremely lucky. We have not had to deal with too much since we have been married. It has been pretty easy actually. Then, this semester everything is happening at once! Too bad the craziness couldn't spread out over the past 1 1/2 years. haha.

We are still waiting to see exactly what we owe from my surgery. We received the hospital bill pre-insurance coverage and yikes! I am expensive. ;) Danny has a pretty good idea what we will owe but we are still waiting for the final say.

The trick is at the same time we are having serious car problems. We do not know for sure what is going on with the car because we haven't taken it in to a shop yet. We do know that it had been having transmission problems and that most likely it is still major transmission problems. Transmissions are expensive. We also need to figure out how to get the car to the shop. Last time we tried to use the car it couldn't get out of the driveway! I couldn't help it, I laughed. (I am the type of person that laughs in very stressful situations). But we could not get the car over the bump at the end of our driveway! (it is a pretty big bump) So, the front tires got over the bump (car was in backwards) but then we couldn't get the back tires over because we couldn't get enough momentum in the car! It was so ridiculous. Our neighbor and Danny pushed the car back over the bump into the driveway while I steered. And there our car has stayed.

So, the plan is to find out exactly what we owe to the hospital. Then we will figure out the car.

In the mean time friends and visiting teachers have been so nice and giving me rides to work. I will start taking the bus soon. Last weekend I worked some random times though that were too late for the bus to take me home. Oh, and the bus doesn't run on Sundays. I had to work last Sunday. Other than that Danny has continued riding the bike to school and I have been walking. The walking isn't so bad. I just have to plan extra time. Especially when walking to my Clinical Psych class. It takes 40 minutes just to get there! Smiths grocery store is just 5 minutes away so we have been shopping there. Danny prefers Maceys but it is a bit further. What an adventure.

Our friends Matt and Kimi are moving two houses down. I didn't even know the house was for sale! Kimi stopped by to look at it then came over to say hi and told me. They need a bigger place because they are going to have a baby girl over the summer. It is a basement house similar to ours but bigger. It will be fun to live near them again. Matt and Kimi, Anna and Peter, and Danny and I all used to live on the same street when we were all dating each other. So, we just need to get Anna and Peter to move down here too! ;)

Well, that is what is going on right now. Everything else is good. I have a stupid cold right now but that happens. It is just more of a nuisance than anything else.

Hope you guys are all doing well!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This morning we WERE going to attend the Draper Temple open house but our car had other plans.
Our car, Lenny, has been giving us grief off and on. We got it fixed and it had been going along fine till the last couple of weeks. Lately the whole concept of 'reverse' has been difficult. And this morning we all got up and got all pretty-fied and headed over to our church building for breakfast before the open house. Well, we were about two blocks from the house and the car would not go faster than 10mph!! Yikes! So we put the hazards on and drove on the side of the road. Danny kept pumping the car with gas and finally it went up to normal speed. But we stopped at a stop sign a little later and the same thing happened again. So we got to the church building and had breakfast. We thought about carpooling with someone but most everyone already had full cars or there wasn't enough room for three people. So, here we are, back at home.

We were also going to go to Ikea. I am now deprived of Ikea. Ugh! Stupid car!!!! As you can probably tell I am very annoyed by this whole thing. Especially the loss of Ikea. ;)

I was going to get some magazine holders and a storage box. *sigh*

Yesterday I picked Melissa up from the airport and going there the car worked great! It worked like nothing had been wrong with it. Coming home though it gave me some attitude but nothing major.

So ya, Melissa is here now! Yay! Poor girl. I'm sad for her that we didn't get to go to the open house.

We played Rummy Royal last night...several rounds..I won only once. Of course it was an amazing win and Melissa still had 15 cards left! BAHAHAHA! But she won all the rest and I had no chips left.

We will make meatballs today. Yummy.

Annnnd that is that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Percoset for me today!

The pain reliever the hospital prescribed to me was a generic form of percoset. It wiped me out! I would take the stupid thing and be so tired and fuzzy brained and basically useless. It did take care of the pain though, so I guess it did its job. I just did not like being so groggy. I was still having a lot of pain in my shoulder though so I kept taking it. I took it less frequently during the day though and today I did not take any! I did have an IB Profen but that was all. I was so excited because today was the first day in a week that I felt relatively productive.

I woke up and did some homework, went to work, class, and did more homework back home. I haven't been that productive since last Monday. Tuesday even though I wasn't in the hospital yet I was curled up in a ball pretty much the whole day because of the stomach pain.

Anyway, I was very excited about today and thought I would share that with the blog readers...

Oh, I am also blaming my pain reliever for this incredibly scary dream I had the other night. FYI: I very very rarely have scary dreams. I have plenty of weird ones or realistic ones or weiredrealistic ones but hardly ever do I have a scary dream. This one though, I woke up terrified. To sum it up, there was this mysterious black dog type creature, but enormous, prowling around and killing people. Apparently it could read minds too...and control lights. At one point in my dream I was in an empty corridor of a shopping mall and all the lights went out and I could actually feel the breath of this beast on my neck. I woke up still having that tingly sensation on my neck. Ugh. It was so scary. It was the type of dream that if I had been five years old I would have gotten up and crawled into bed with mommy and daddy.

I am very excited for Friday. My cousin Melissa is coming to visit for part of her Spring Break!! Lucky girl goes to Northern Arizona University so she actually gets a Spring Break. She will be hanging out with me and Danny and visiting with some of her other friends that are at BYU. I have not seen Melissa for three years!! Last time I saw her was when I went to Arizona for my Aunt Doris's reception in Christmas 2006. Unfortunately because of band camp up at NAU she wasn't able to make it to my wedding. So it has been forever! Also you must understand that we used to see each other at least once a year for about a week at a time. I would visit Arizona and we would stay with my grandma and grandpa and just play and it was grand. So we are excited. She and Danny will get to meet finally! Melissa is also the cousin that is closest to me in age. I am three years her senior.

Well, I am off to bed. I have class tomorrow. Danny has lots of computer programming plus a business law test tomorrow. I have a test for my adolescent development class that I missed last Tuesday.

Hope all are well!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Appendicitis Adventure

So, I am copying these notes from facebook because I am too lazy to retype everything.

Just for anyone who is curious, here is the story!

Monday afternoon my stomach started to hurt. It was similar to the pain I felt before I had my gallbladder removed. I did not think too much of it. Well, Tuesday I woke up and good grief it hurt!! Pain all over my abdomen. So I spent the majority of the day curled up in a ball watching movies/sleeping or spending quality time in the bathroom. It was pretty pathetic.

On Tuesday I had called my mom for some motherly advice. She suggested keeping an eye on things and in the mean time drinking fluids. She wasn't sure what it could be but said I should consider the hospital if it didn't make improvements by Wed.
Mid afternoonish the pain was so bad and I was being so pathetic that I called Danny and asked him to come home. He did. He is wonderful like that. He also went to the pharmacy to ask about some drugs. They suggested that it could be food poisoning. This made sense so I upped the liquids intake.

I woke up like every hour last night. Such a long night.

This morning I woke up and all the pain seemed to have transferred down to my lower right side. "Oh, crap" I thought. So, I called my Grammy who has much medical knowledge being a retired RN and all that. She said I should go to the hospital ASAP. SO again I called my wonderful husband to come to rescue me. He did. Off to the hospital we went!

I was admitted very quickly into the ER where they ran all the good ol' tests like blood, urine all that fun stuff. Asked me about a million times what was wrong. Well,eventually it was time for the CT scan. They already had a good idea it was appendicitis and sure enough, the CT scan showed a very inflamed appendix.

So the nice dr/nurses came in and told me that I would need surgery but the OR in the hospital was full for the next few hours, but the outpatient center across the parking lot was good to go right now! After they made sure that this was in fact allowed they put me into a wheel chair and pushed me over to the Outpatient center. People were waiting for me there and they told me about the procedure, risks, etc. I signed stuff. And then it was time for surgery!! I guess the surgery went well and they got out my appendix in good time. Apparently it was pretty inflamed and it is good I came in when I did. The recovery room nurse was sooooo nice. When I was coming out of the anesthesia I was so disoriented that I started to cry! I don't even know why. But she was wonderful and helped me to calm down, which I did. I think I asked her like a million questions too. She was so patient with me. I was glad.

Anywho- after the recovery room and staying at the outpatient center for a bit they wheeled me back over to the hospital to spend the night. Yikes! I have never spent the night in a hospital. Danny has been with me the whole time. He just went home real quick for some dinner and to get me my toothbrush and stuff like that. Did I mention how amazing he is???

My Grandma Jean came by to visit which I thought was so incredibly sweet of her. She is pretty sure Grandpa Ken stayed in this room too after one of his many surgeries.

My mom ordered some flowers and balloons from the gift shop here. They're beautiful.

My room has a window too! Cool, right?

My room also has wireless internet. So here I am in the hospital rockin' out to oldies on my ipod (that is what I called the playlist, seriously) and playing on my laptop.

Fortunately my teachers have all been very understanding and I will be able to make up some tests I missed today/yesterday.

And did I mention that all the nurses/doctors have been so wonderful!! They have seriously all just been so nice and friendly. I love it! I am trying to be a very good patient too. I think I am succeeding for the most part. hahaha. I do ask a lot of questions though. I just like to know what is going on and medical stuff is very interesting to me.

Annnnnnd this is turning out way longer than I meant for it to. Ooops! Sorry guys! I just wanted to write this because I thought at least one or two people might be curious and I have already told the story like a million times. :D

Hi friends,

Well, here I am, night number II in the hospital. They informed me this morning that they wanted to keep me here longer because my white blood cell count was still a bit high and I guess my appendix was very close to rupturing so they're just being safe and stuff.

Today has been long. The air they pumped my stomach with all settled in my shoulder so there has been some very excruciating pain to say the least.

Hopefully they will let me go home tomorrow.

I got to eat something resembling food today which was nice. I am on a 'clear liquids' diet. mmm.

I have also been up walking around a bit today which is good.

People are still being nice. Danny has been absolutely amazing.

I am starting to get semi restless though just because I hate having people do EVERYTHING for me. Well, they're not doing EVERYTHING. I don't mind them bringing me stuff especially because getting up is kinda painful. But nurses are constantly coming in to check on me so I am not getting that much rest. But at the same time it is good they are checking on me because they are making sure I haven't gotten sicker, or you know, died.

Oh well. It's just been a crazy day. I do not know what to do about my homework situation. I haven't been able to do any. This not has taken me forever to type because of the way my IV is situated in my arm. It doesn't like me writing or typing much. THe pain meds also make me a little loopy. So I am just worried because I had planned on getting a lot of homework done this weekend. Yikes.

I think I will watch a movie now. :D Thank goodness for my laptop!!

I'm home:
I am very happy to be home. It is so nice to be back on my couch and have the use of my right arm again. *happy sigh* I missed my right arm.

I was so worried that they were going to keep me another day because no one was telling me anything. Ugh.

But the doctor finally came in and asked how I was doing and looked at my incisions and he said I could go home!

I took a shower as soon as I got home so I no longer smell like hospital. Such a nice feeling.

Now I am just chillin' on the couch watching a movie. There is still a good deal of pain so I am taking it easy today.