Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winter comes too early in Utah

I think my title should explain it all.

It is October 11 and it is snowing. Now, so as not to be accused of being over dramatic, I will acknowledge that this form of precipitation is like a soft hale. It is frozen, but not a hard frozen, but also not as fluffy as the snow we usually get here. THAT STILL DOES NOT EXCUSE THE SNOW FROM FALLING IN MID OCTOBER! *sigh* I am sorry, but I think it is just wrong for it to snow before my birthday. October 15 is supposed to be the middle and most beautiful time of autumn!
I guess I will just comfort myself with the fact that this is Utah and it will probably warm up again for a little longer before we plunge into the long and dark winter. (now I am being over dramatic).
I do love the snow, in appearance. It is so beautiful! I truly enjoy taking a stroll on a moonlit night through the snow. It just sparkles! Then I come home, bundle in a blanket, and drink hot chocolate.

Erasmus is doing well. We have bought him an infrared light to keep on during the night. The lamp gives off this red glow that is rather eerie. We figured our turtle lives in the red light district now. How scandalous.

Danny is doing well. He is currently working on a project for his programming class, computer programming. I don't understand even 1/8 of what he's talking about while he's working on his projects. I do a great job of smiling and nodding though. ;) Actually I am learning more than I ever cared to learn about computers.

I just finished up a very stressful/long week at school. I had two midterms and a preliminary draft due for my literature review. On top of my already full schedule it was pretty intense. I made it through though! With lots and lots of help from my wonderful husband and from Heavenly Father. I do not know how I did on my first test, half of it was essay questions. My second test for my psych testing class was lower than I wanted. Hopefully it will not effect my final grade too much. It was not THAT bad but I don't think I could get an A anymore. Maybe A-...

Oh, Danny and I had a wonderful conference weekend. We went to the Saturday morning session then went to a luncheon for law school students, faculty, and alumni. Danny counted as faculty and Bryan, a friend we went with is a student. The food was delicious. We watched the second session in the Tabernacle! I tried to imagine the speakers speaking behind the pulpit in there. I never saw conference in the Tabernacle. We then wandered down to Gateway Mall and had dinner. The boys then went off to the Priesthood session because they had tickets. Nicole (Bryan's girlfriend) and I explored the mall and had a great time. We ended up spending an hour in Barnes and Noble. For a birthday gift to myself (at least that is how I justified this purchase) I bought a collection of Jane Austen novels for 20 bucks! It has all 7 (includes Lady Susan) and is beautiful! The book is old fashioned looking.
Anywho- Sunday we watched both sessions at our house with Byran and Nicole. What a great weekend!! I really enjoyed Pres. Uchtdorf's talk Saturday morning. And L. Tom Perry's talk from that session as well.

Well, I think that just about sums up current events over here. I make these posts way too long! Sorry!

I hope all are doing well!


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If it makes you feel any better, I just was marveling at the fact that I needed to find a jacket to wear in the morning--but I am pretty sure by lunch we will be have beautiful weather again. Gotta love that about Arizona. :)