Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hippo Bird-day

What has two thumbs, loves Star Wars, and was born on this day??


Usually to celebrate his birthday we have a really rockin' party with friends and delicious food and Star Wars decorations. This year we are not. I did make him lemon cupcakes that I will go put some strawberry frosting on in a few minutes. That is a good thing. Don't worry. He likes lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting.

February 2nd is one of my absolute favorite days of the year. Besides being Groundhog's Day, it is also the day that a pretty fantastic and amazing guy was born. I love this guy. His name is Danny. He is my husband of 3 and a half years. I could go on and on and be all mushy about how awesome he is and how much I love him. But if you know him, you probably already know that for yourself. Besides, he gets embarrassed when I brag about him. Ha! Suffice it to say that I love him.

Here are some other pictures for your enjoyment:

I have used this one on the blog before. Oh well. I love it. Look how cute!

Wedding picture. What a good-lookin' fella.

He is cool enough to dress up as Jedi Voldemort

Here he is observing the snow last month.



Anna said...

Thank for saying "suffice it to say" correctly!

Missing you guys so bad!

Cali said...

You are welcome! How do people use it incorrectly?

We miss you guys so bad too!