Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Drive to Vermont

Continuing the tale of our New York trip...

On Tuesday, Danny had to work. That was the purpose of the trip after all. 

I took the opportunity to have a little day trip to Vermont. In order to give myself a destination point, I looked up different hikes in the Green Mountain National Forest. Since I would not have a ton of time I looked for simple hikes. Nature walk is really the best phrase to use. I was alone, so I also looked for more populated nature walks. Not that I dislike being alone, I was trying to error on the side of safety. I found a nature walk that was not too long and well used. It ended up being The Robert Frost Interpretive Trail near Ripton, VT. 

I thought, "an interpretive trail? Really?" I mean, that sounds a little cheesy right? Poetry is a little too much for me sometimes. I decided to go for it though. It had good reviews and was a good way into the state so I would be able to see a large chunk of Vermont. 

Armed with directions and music, I set off on my adventure. Let me tell you something; when people tell you that New England has the best fall color, especially Vermont, they are not exaggerating! The amount of color was almost overwhelming! I fell head-over-heels in love. It was the most beautiful autumn drive I have ever been on. The highway would twist and turn and you would have these views of valleys surrounded by rolling hills with a patchwork of color. I was surrounded by red, oranges, yellows, greens all vibrant and gorgeous. 

Unfortunately some of best views were not from a safe location to take a picture and there were not as many 'stop and look' places as I would have liked. I drove along U.S. 7. 

Along the way I passed through some charming small towns. One town, called Brandon, had these scarecrows outside of every home and building. Even the churches! It looked like a dress-your-own scarecrow thing. It was cute! I really wish I had stopped. I don't know what I was thinking. 

The Robert Frost Interpretive Trail was lovely! It was a super easy nature walk. Along the way some of Robert Frost's poems were posted. I decided that I enjoy poetry about nature. Maybe it's because I get sappy and sentimental about nature? Sometimes poetry is the only way you can describe the beauty and wonder of nature. 

So you know, I have not retouched or edited any of these photos. I love my pictures, but being there in person was amazing.
A little explanation about the trail

Along the trail. I love this leaf.

Along the trail. I love fallen leaves floating in a stream.

A view of the trail. It's somewhere under all the leaves.

This trail is a little further north. I think I just missed the peak of the color when the leaves were still on the trees.

One of Robert Frost's poems along the trail. Yes, I added the golden leaf.

Poems were also presented on wooden posts.

More trees along the trail.

Along the trail.

This picture turned out slightly mysterious looking. What do you think?

Yellow leaves might be my favorite. If it's possibly to choose a favorite.

Most of the path was a dirt trail. The beginning/end had wooden planks or gravel.

More yellow leaves.

As I'm leaving the trail, I looked back and saw this lovely scene.

Off of 125 near Ripton. There's a waterfall in the bottom center.

Part of 125 near Ripton. I need to drive this again.

The trail only took about an hour and then I drove back to our hotel in Troy. 

I did not stop for maple syrup. I sort of regret that, even though I would not have been able to carry a bottle home on the plane. I still should have stopped. Oh well. That means I just need to go back to Vermont in the autumn time, right? Right. 

Vermont was beautiful. I am so happy I was able to take that day trip. 

Danny and I had dinner together at a New York style pizza place that kids on campus recommended to him. It was pretty good. After pizza we went to an ice cream place called Friendly's. I had a delicious sundae full of chocolate and goodness and peace and love.

I will continue my travel tales in a third post...Look for it tomorrow...


Anna said...

Poetry is too much for me all of the time! hahahaha

There is a clever joke here somewhere about the road less traveled and safety and Frost, but I'm to tired to put it together.

Looks beautiful! Especially that waterfall picture.

Cali said...

I understand!

The Road Less Traveled poem was posted at a fork in the path, of course!

We'll work on the joke.

Anna said...

...and too tired to spell correctly. ;)