Wednesday, July 01, 2009


On Sunday Danny and I got back from California. It was a long, but fun trip. We took a few pictures that I will post at some point. No promises though. We did not take that many pictures. I was too lazy to use the camera and I have not been encouraging Danny to take pictures because I would end up in some of them. I am not happy with the way I look right now, so the less evidence about it, the better.

Danny went to California on Wednesday 17. Erick, his brother, got back from his mission the morning of the 18. I followed on the 20. I could not get earlier in the week off because it was Father's Day.

Anywho- Erick made it safely back and seems to be adjusting ok. Danny loved hanging out with his brother again. Those two are goofy together. It's fun. We spent the majority of the week hanging around the house watching movies and playing Wii. Marsha spent as much time as humanly possible playing with me and following me around. It was cute. She thinks I'm awesome or something.

Monday we went to Seal Beach and ate at Ruby's on the end of the pier. I had a delicious oreo milkshake. We also played in the ocean for a bit. None of us had our suits so it was just sticking our feet in until a big wave got the best of Marsha. She got pretty wet. Oh, and I am happy to report that only the top of my scalp got sunburned!! I was out in the sun for a long time too. Plenty of time to turn me into a lobster. I put on an obscene amount of SPF 70 sunscreen. I was reflecting the sun I think.

Friday night Danny and I went with Bryan, Nicole and Zach (nicole's younger brother) to Santa Monica Pier. That was a blast. Nicole, Danny and I rode the Ferris Wheel and ate a funnel cake. Yummy. It was fun to walk around and see what all the street vendors were selling/doing. There was this one guy that would sculpt your face in clay. Nicole had that done. He did a great job and was really fast.

It was a nice trip but Danny and I were happy to be back in our own home. We're pretty sure Erasmus had no idea we left, but we were happy to see him anyway.

It's July 1! That means summer is about half way over. I am sad to report that I have made horrible progress on my summer reading list. I need to work on that. I also made a few other lists of things I would like to work on, or get in the habit of doing by the end of summer. If I'm lucky I might finally recover the dining chairs!

Other than that not much is going on. I have to go back to work today. Danny gets Friday off for the 4th of July. I have to work on the 4th but at least I get time and a half! Yeehaw!!


andrea said...

Glad to see you're back....on the blog! Sounds like you had fun in CA!

I have a book for you....The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. It's a very fun fictional read, but you have to keep reminding yourself it's really fiction!

Cali said...

So, I am replying to this comment really late. Sorry!!

California was fun.

That book sounds interesting! I think I will put it on my list for next summer's reading. Along with Ben-Hur.