Thursday, July 02, 2009

Possessed Car

Yesterday when I drove to work was the first time we drove the car since I left for California. Well, as I was driving to work I felt like I was going kind of fast so I looked down at the speedometer and it's NOT MOVING! I thought, "hmm. That's not right."

Well, on the way home I realized the odometer wasn't working either.

The car sat in the driveway all night.

This morning I was going to work and the speedometer and odometer are working! It's like nothing happened.

I have decided that my car is possessed...or bipolar...or just has an attitude problem.

But to be serious, I am relieved. We weren't sure if it was something we could fix or we would have to take it in for ANOTHER repair. Hooray for blessings!

Oh, and check it out, a post two days in a row! Don't get used to it. :P

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