Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update: Christmas

Let's go back in time a couple months and I will tell you about Christmas!

Up until Christmas I worked, a lot. Long hours, lots of people, and lots of craziness.

Christmas Eve we had our nice dinner. Christmas morning we opened presents and had a yummy breakfast casserole that I have had just about every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember.

This is Danny with his loot. Notice he got lots of Star Wars stuff.

The following Sunday we, along with Erick, drove to California. I love road trips!

California was great. I had a great time not working and not school-ing.

Danny and I went to Seal Beach. I love the ocean.

A Christmas tradition in Danny's family is to have Tamales, Costa Rican style. They are wrapped in Platano leaves and have raisins, rice, red peppers, pork, and cilantro. I helped assembling them and it was fantastic! I maybe got a little cilantro happy on a few of them but they tasted delicious. (I looooove cilantro)

A nice shot of us assembling the Tamales.

And for kicks and giggles here is a sunset picture:

So all in all Christmas break was nice, but as always, way too short.

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