Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 thus far

Let's see...Danny had a birthday. I am pretty sure we took pictures of that. The pictures are still on the camera though. It was a great party. Danny settled on a Star Wars Lego theme. We played What If and Star Wars Apples to Apples. I made him a lego brick cake that looked pretty stupid. Tasted awesome though and in the end that is what really matters, right?

Danny has a super busy semester. Mine is not much better.

The joy of this semester is my senior project. I love it! I am volunteering at a middle school. I work with students who are at "academic risk". It is so challenging but in a fascinating way.

I have been at JCPenney for three years now. Wow. I might be moving out of the suit department. It is just a possibility though.

I graduate in April! I am so excited and so stressed at the same time.

And that about sums everything up. My avid readers are now up to date.

I asked Danny if he would like to add anything about his semester. I told him that I already put that his semester is super busy. He told me, "Can't add anything. I'm too busy"



I don't know, something about this comic really rang out to me.... :)


Anna said...

It looked awesome, and it tasted awesome, too! :)
For real.

Calista said...

Thanks Anna. :) I still think it would get beat up by all the other cakes. haha.