Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 Cookie Cutters

Wednesday November 19, 2008

I still can not figure out how to get the date stamp. I tried different ways to no avail.

There has been so much going on! Basically all of it has to do with school, so it is really not that exciting. What is exciting though is that this semester is beginning to draw to a close! Hoorah! Danny and I still have several things due, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light is red and green and twinkles because CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I love Christmas time so much! I do NOT love the working retail end of it, but I can manage it. But, before I go off on a Christmas tangent I shall reign(deer) myself back in.

Today Danny and I ventured out and ran some errands. I had a coupon to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I do not go there very often because I usually just go to JCPenney because they have good stuff and because I get a discount, or IKEA, because, well, Ikea rocks. Anywho- Danny is the one that actually found these. It is a tub of 100 cookie cutters! I had been looking for cookie cutters and BAM! Here's more than I could ever use. Best part is that they were only 10 bucks! Let's see, the shapes are color-coded which brings me joy. There are Christmas shapes, Halloween shapes, Easter shapes, hearts, animals, letters, numbers, transportation vehicles, and boots and a cowboy hat! I am especially excited about those last two rather random cookie cutter shapes. In March I am planning on having a Texas Independence Day party for kicks and giggles. I figure we will play games and watch the Alamo with John Wayne, or at least have it playing in the background. Now there can be Texas themed sugar cookies. I am happy.

Around Christmas time my mom always baked a few types of cookies. The sugar cookies were always so delicious. Homemade icing too, yummy! It seems weird to NOT have these cookies around Christmas now so I am going to make them myself! I am excited. Danny is actually excited too. He is not into cookies as much but he will have fun decorating them. But first school needs to be over and I need to have a day off of work.

On a more serious note, there is so much going on in the world right now. Sad things. Hard things. A lot of the persecution arising from the passage of Prop 8 has made me sad. I think right now the most important thing we can do is just to have sympathy and understanding for the other side of this issue. To remember that these people are Heavenly Father's children as well. Unfortunately they are not treating us with tolerance, but this does not condone any hatred from our side. I think and feel a lot more deeply than I have just expressed but I am trying to keep things light on this blog. If you are dying of curiosity for some crazy reason and actually want to talk to me more about this, just let me know.

And anywho- back to being cheerful.

Not much else is going on in the life of the Bakkers. Thanksgiving break is coming up. Danny is so excited for Thanksgiving. That kid loves to eat. I am opening Black Friday. I have to be there a little before 4am. I actually requested this because I get off at 1pm. I will come home, take a little nap and then I have the rest of the day! This is what I was scheduled last year too and it was so nice to just go in, get my shift over and done with, and have the rest of the day to play!

I hope all are well!


Shanan, Corey and Danica said...

umm what was prop 8?

Andrea said...

Cali, I guess I should've told you the other night when you called to let Danny know that we are using small plates this year and only allowing one helping.

Andrea said...



Dang, I crack myself up! :)

The turkey is thawing as I type....mmmm-mmmmm!

Oh,, and very well written prop 8 thoughts. It also saddens me. I'm sure Danny's dad shared much with you. I hope it is dying down least the "hate the Mormons" part of it...

Cali said...

Shanan- Prop 8 was voted on in Calif. Those for Prop 8 were for an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage between a man and a woman. Those against wanted to allow marriage to all individuals. It has been a tough situation.

Andrea-I told Danny about the small plates. He knew I was kidding. He said he wouldn't have been concerned anyway because he would have piled his plate really high and used mashed potatoes as an adhesive. He was then telling me how he would use the turkey bones to make some sort of this point I stopped paying attention. ;)

Mmmmm. Turkey. I am nervous about the pies. I just have this bad feeling about them.

Thanks. I have a hard time putting stuff like that into words, at least, coherent words. Oh ya, Dan had lots of stories. If you ask Danny really nice he might share some of them in between helpings. ;)

Shanan, Corey and Danica said...

ahh yes in Arizona it was prop 102--and I won't lie I was sad that it passed here.

Shanan, Corey and Danica said...

For your post date issue--look under post options on the bottom left corner of the box where you type your post. On my blog it has a post date option. Hope it works. :)