Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mom!

November 26, 2008- Wednesday
(I still don't know if the date thing will work)

My mom's birthday is today. She is turning a certain milestone age that shall remained unnamed. It's 39.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I hope it is awesome.

So, this is a picture of Jenn (my sister-in-law), mom, and me with my goofy smile. This picture was taken at my bridal shower, but I think it is kinda cute of mom and her girls.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Danny is so ridiculously excited. It is pretty funny actually. I mean, I am excited too because the food is delicious and I love to spend time with family. Danny is just really really excited. He enjoys a good excuse to be gluttonous apparently.

Hope all are well!

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