Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008 -Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving every one!

I would like to share a song that I wrote about 6 years ago. I was really bored and watching football practice and I realized that there are not many Thanksgiving songs. So, with out further ado, I would like to present Timmy the Three-Feathered Turkey. Sing it to the tune of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Timmy the Three Feathered Turkey

Timmy the three-feathered turkey
was a very ugly bird
and if you ever saw him
you would say he looks quite absurd.

All of the other turkeys
used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Timmy
join in any turkey games.

Then one foggy Thankgiving morn
Farmer came to say:
'Timmy with your meat just right,
won't you be our dinner tonight?'

Then how the turkeys loved him,
as they shouted out with glee.
Timmy the three-feathered turkey,
you'll go down in to tummies!

Thank you, thank you. Yes, the song is amazing. ;)

Today we are going over to my Aunt Andrea's and we are so excited! I am currently baking a Chocolate Chess Pie and hoping it turns out. This is a very temper mental pie. It messes up by the ingredients separate on their own! Seriously, my Grammy has made this pie for years! Every now and then though, the ingredients separate and we have no idea why! It happened to me once and we compared different situations and there is no common factor. So, I just determined that the pie has an attitude problem.
Danny will make the traditional green bean casserole. I love the crunchity onion things that go on top of that. Yum.

Today of course, you are supposed to remember all that you are thankful for. I would just like to say that Danny and I are both incredibly thankful for our families and our friends. We have the best of both. You guys are all so wonderful and so kind. Thank you!
We are also thankful for our church and the guidance we receive from our President/Prophet Thomas S. Monson.
We are also thankful for the opportunity we have to go to BYU, or just college in general. We are thankful for our beautiful little house. It is just perfect for us.

Danny is thankful for John Williams, George Lucas, and their collaborative efforts. He is also thankful for Stars Wars, Legos, and Star Wars Legos.

I am thankful for Erasmus of Provo (our turtle), puppies, penguins, flowers, Steven Spielberg, and British History books.

And OF COURSE Danny and I are thankful for each other.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


Shanan, Corey and Danica said...

Did the pie turn out correctly?

Beth said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Will we see you in UT this weekend? I hope so! Love you both.