Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Percoset for me today!

The pain reliever the hospital prescribed to me was a generic form of percoset. It wiped me out! I would take the stupid thing and be so tired and fuzzy brained and basically useless. It did take care of the pain though, so I guess it did its job. I just did not like being so groggy. I was still having a lot of pain in my shoulder though so I kept taking it. I took it less frequently during the day though and today I did not take any! I did have an IB Profen but that was all. I was so excited because today was the first day in a week that I felt relatively productive.

I woke up and did some homework, went to work, class, and did more homework back home. I haven't been that productive since last Monday. Tuesday even though I wasn't in the hospital yet I was curled up in a ball pretty much the whole day because of the stomach pain.

Anyway, I was very excited about today and thought I would share that with the blog readers...

Oh, I am also blaming my pain reliever for this incredibly scary dream I had the other night. FYI: I very very rarely have scary dreams. I have plenty of weird ones or realistic ones or weiredrealistic ones but hardly ever do I have a scary dream. This one though, I woke up terrified. To sum it up, there was this mysterious black dog type creature, but enormous, prowling around and killing people. Apparently it could read minds too...and control lights. At one point in my dream I was in an empty corridor of a shopping mall and all the lights went out and I could actually feel the breath of this beast on my neck. I woke up still having that tingly sensation on my neck. Ugh. It was so scary. It was the type of dream that if I had been five years old I would have gotten up and crawled into bed with mommy and daddy.

I am very excited for Friday. My cousin Melissa is coming to visit for part of her Spring Break!! Lucky girl goes to Northern Arizona University so she actually gets a Spring Break. She will be hanging out with me and Danny and visiting with some of her other friends that are at BYU. I have not seen Melissa for three years!! Last time I saw her was when I went to Arizona for my Aunt Doris's reception in Christmas 2006. Unfortunately because of band camp up at NAU she wasn't able to make it to my wedding. So it has been forever! Also you must understand that we used to see each other at least once a year for about a week at a time. I would visit Arizona and we would stay with my grandma and grandpa and just play and it was grand. So we are excited. She and Danny will get to meet finally! Melissa is also the cousin that is closest to me in age. I am three years her senior.

Well, I am off to bed. I have class tomorrow. Danny has lots of computer programming plus a business law test tomorrow. I have a test for my adolescent development class that I missed last Tuesday.

Hope all are well!

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