Saturday, March 14, 2009

This morning we WERE going to attend the Draper Temple open house but our car had other plans.
Our car, Lenny, has been giving us grief off and on. We got it fixed and it had been going along fine till the last couple of weeks. Lately the whole concept of 'reverse' has been difficult. And this morning we all got up and got all pretty-fied and headed over to our church building for breakfast before the open house. Well, we were about two blocks from the house and the car would not go faster than 10mph!! Yikes! So we put the hazards on and drove on the side of the road. Danny kept pumping the car with gas and finally it went up to normal speed. But we stopped at a stop sign a little later and the same thing happened again. So we got to the church building and had breakfast. We thought about carpooling with someone but most everyone already had full cars or there wasn't enough room for three people. So, here we are, back at home.

We were also going to go to Ikea. I am now deprived of Ikea. Ugh! Stupid car!!!! As you can probably tell I am very annoyed by this whole thing. Especially the loss of Ikea. ;)

I was going to get some magazine holders and a storage box. *sigh*

Yesterday I picked Melissa up from the airport and going there the car worked great! It worked like nothing had been wrong with it. Coming home though it gave me some attitude but nothing major.

So ya, Melissa is here now! Yay! Poor girl. I'm sad for her that we didn't get to go to the open house.

We played Rummy Royal last night...several rounds..I won only once. Of course it was an amazing win and Melissa still had 15 cards left! BAHAHAHA! But she won all the rest and I had no chips left.

We will make meatballs today. Yummy.

Annnnd that is that.

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