Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drip Drop Drip Drop

I am absolutely loving the weather today!

It rained like crazy for a little bit with some fantastic thunder and then it was cloudy and cool and then it has been a light rain the rest of the day/night.

Danny and I both enjoy rainy weather and clouds. Especially when we start to get fall color, I love the clouds. The bright sunlight washes out the colors and there are some beautiful reddish orange spots of color popping out all over the mountains. Today with the clouds it was simply stunning.

My super awesome aunt, uncle, and cousins are in town. My cousin Hayden goes into the MTC on Wednesday. I can not believe he is old enough for that!! He's 19? A missionary? Already??? Time sure does fly.

I am using headphones to listen to my iPod rather loudly. My Disney playlist is on and I am being an uber dork and rocking out to Disney songs. You know, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, etc. This music is just so good. Most of it has good morals or stories to the music and it makes me feel little kiddish I guess. I finally noticed that The Wonderful Thing about Tigger song actually has a spring noise in the background. I found myself bouncing up and down to it. How could you not?? It's such a bouncy song.

Anyway, I need to stop listening to my music and go to bed but I am having too much fun.

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Guy said...

uber dork...why not uber goober.