Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ponderings about Autumn

This is a picture I found of the Wasatch mountains. It doesn't have the awesome trees but it is an idea of what I look at when I look to the east.

I was walking home today by way of the tennis courts at BYU. Behind the courts there are these big and gorgeous trees. Trees that make me feel like I am actually not living in a desert type environment that maybe I am someplace like the creek by my old house...or Tennessee. Ok, they're not THAT luscious of trees. Anyway.

As I was walking by these trees I noticed two small sunflowers. I don't remember what these flowers are called but they are beautiful. They look just like mini sunflowers. As I looked at these flowers blowing around in the wind, the thought struck me that these are probably some of the last flowers I will see for a very long time. Why you may ask? Because winter is right around the corner. I said a mental goodbye to these flowers which to me represent happiness in a cheesy way. I continued to walk by these trees and I began thinking about how bittersweet autumn is.

Think about it, winter, while snow can be beautiful, pretty much all the trees and flowers are dead/dormant. That is not very happy for someone who adores plant life. Autumn is like nature's way of saying goodbye.

Summer is green and beautiful, but the colors that fall bring in are vibrant, and calming in a way with warm tones of orange, red, and yellow. Nature is saying, "Hey, I know winter can be kind of long so let me go out with a bang! Let me be extra beautiful for you before the world turns white and grey."

So, thank you autumn! It wouldn't be the same if the world went from green straight to white. It is nice to have this transitional period to say goodbye and adjust to life indoors and under blankets. (which I do love blankets).

As I walked the rest of the way home I looked all around me drinking in every last bit of color, every last leaf, and every last petal. I will continue to do this until the snow comes.

Bitter because winter is coming. Sweet because autumn is beautiful.

That is my cheesy, and rather dramatic take on Fall. Like it?

*side note: Obviously, I am an avid appreciator of nature. One reason is that it is beautiful to look at. Another reason is, in a way, observing nature is a way of feeling closer to my Heavenly Father. But that is another post for another time.


andrea said...

I have realized why Fall is one of my favorite seasons....I think it's because it's so short! It is stunning to the senses, with the sights and smells, and really, in Utah, it lasts about a week....One week you notice the changes in a few leaves, but it's still 90 degrees and hot, then all the sudden the mountains are exploding in color, literally overnight. Then, before you take a nice drive up the canyon to really revel in it, a storm comes in, blows all the leaves away, and dumps snow. Boom! It's over! Can you tell I'm feeling sad about not taking a drive up the canyon for FHE on Monday?! :)

Cali said...

I was totally wishing our car could handle trips better because I wanted to drive in the canyon or up to Logan. Something fantastic like that. But alas, an old car and school got in the way.