Tuesday, October 13, 2009

April Showers bring Graduation Flowers?

I applied for graduation today!

I will be graduating in April 2010 with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, emphasis in Clinical Psychology.

While filling out the graduation form I got so excited and a little emotional which was rather stupid. I was beaming when I turned the form back in. I am pretty sure they thought I was the biggest dork. Who cares though, I am graduating.

I have decided to walk. I wasn't super thrilled to, but most people have told me I will regret not walking later. And I know how much my family wants to see me walk.

On that note, the BYU website says tickets are not needed for the graduation so come one and come all!

As for post grad. plans: Danny doesn't graduate till the following December so we will definitely still be in Provo. I am not going to graduate school. Yes, I know that horribly limits me of what I can do with my major, but due to stupid mistakes I made (and learned from. I should write a book.) I don't have the grades or extra stuff to get accepted to a Master's Program. So I will either settle down with some random job and eventually get a teaching certificate or something awesome like that. I can be the teacher I always wanted to be! Or when Danny and I have kids I will be a full time mommy. I am good with either option.

But right now I am basking in the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Perhaps I could make a paper chain countdown? ;)


Kellie said...

LOVE it! Paper chain for SURE! Congratulations on graduating! That is an accomplishment I have yet to achieve. Some day!

Cali said...


Danny requested that I wait till next semester to make the paper chain. I guess it would rather long if I made it now. Our house is only so big! haha!