Saturday, January 08, 2011

Almost an Entire Year!

Wow! It has been nearly an entire year since I last updated this thing. You know, it is tempting to wait until March and make it a nice even year. Blogs can be annual, right?


Okay, maybe not.

I sure picked a fine year to not update. In this last year I graduated from college, Danny finished college (graduation to come in April), Danny interviewed for jobs and he got one, we went camping, we went to Arizona, and then I went a second time for a funeral, spent time with family and friends, and we Texas!

Let us take a look back into the past..

This is my graduation announcement. My aunt was fabulous enough to take pictures of me and set this photo up postcard style.

Danny and I after my graduation ceremony.

The traditional parents on either side of the graduate picture.

Several more of my family members were able to attend. Such as...

The Behrmann/Burbank group

The Nicoll/Moore/Wilson group

During the summer we went camping with some family on my mom's side. We went to Duck Creek near Cedar City, UT. It was absolutely beautiful.

I had not been camping in a long time. It felt so good to be away from everything. I am still a fan of camping.

This last semester Danny interviewed for jobs. We are blessed that he was offered a job with his top choice company! He starts January 24. It is for this reason that we moved to Dallas, TX. We are very excited about this.

Moving is not fun. I believe the key word I felt (especially during December) was STRESS! But everything worked out and we are currently staying with my dad while we look for an apartment.

Leaving Provo was harder than I thought it would be. Not because we loved Provo. We do miss our friends though. It was hard to say goodbye to them. It was also hard to say goodbye to our little home.

Here are some moving pictures:

The 'Bulk Cruiser' hauling all our worldly possessions and pulling our dear car.

Erasmus was not a happy camper. I do not blame him though. Amazingly he survived. We had him set up in this pet tote in between our chairs.

Heading out on our journey.

Welcome to Texas!!

Danny and I with all our stuff in storage.

The move took us three days. We left in a snowstorm that had already dropped over 6 inches of snow. What an adventure! Bless his heart, my Dad drove out to help us with the move. He could drive faster than we could so he drove a head a little ways to give weather reports. It was great.

Lately, in 2011, Danny and I have been taking it easy.

Here is a picture of us from Christmas. We are rockin' some Christmas sweaters.

I am going to try to keep up with this blog better during 2011. You should be excited about that.

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