Wednesday, June 06, 2012

November - December 2011

Welcome to November 2011!

This month was a bit more quiet. Danny was still going to Oklahoma. On November 15h, Danny's brother Erick came to visit us! He flew into the Austin airport because it was a ton cheaper for some reason. My dad and I drove down to pick him up. We also ate some tasty BBQ while we were down that way.

It was fun to have Erick visit us! Danny and Erick spent a lot of time playing video games, as is their custom. We also showed him around a little bit. Erick and I trekked over to the Fort Worth Zoo. I had never been there. It is a nice zoo! I saw penguins cuddling.

The two penguins that are laying down are totally cuddling. Adorable.
Thanksgiving was also in November. I do not think we have any pictures from that. The food was really good! I made a sweet potato dish that is my great-great aunt's recipe. There was so much butter and sugar in that dish! I knew it was going to be yummy, and it was. It tasted like candy.

Welcome to December 2011!
Erick left at the beginning of December.

A couple of weeks later Danny and I flew out to California to be with his family for Christmas. My favorite part of the trip was Disneyland! Danny and I treated his siblings to a Disneyland trip for Christmas and we all had a lovely-stupendous time. Best part was riding the new Star Tours! Also, I am very fond of the Indiana Jones ride.

Chip & Dale

Huey, Dewey, & Louie (Danny and his brothers)

3 princesses (Danny's little sis, Aurora, and me)

Danny is not the future King of England

Neither am I.

Ian, Storm Trooper, and Danny. The Storm Trooper did not like Danny's shirt.

The Bakker Bro Battle Pack. Comes with everything you see here. Vehicles sold separately. Batteries not included. Ages 15 and up. (Danny came up with that)

Bakker Sister exclusive limited edition collector's pack. Best to keep these two mint in the box.
(by: Danny)

not a great picture, sorry. But here is Main Street all lit up for Christmas!

the Castle all lit up for Christmas! (again, sorry about the picture quality)

Also in California we saw two sets of friends that we had not seen since our April trip to Utah and it was grand and wonderful to see them! It is always fun to see Danny's family too!

In our time travels we have caught up to 2012. Let us continue on!

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