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October 2011

Hi there! Welcome to October 2011. This month was BUSY! Danny and I had something going on pretty much every weekend. Good times.

This one will have quite a few pictures so I will do most of my explaining in photo caption form. Here is the run down of events:
1. Star Wars Fan Days in Irving, TX
2. My birthday
3. Pariveda Company retreat near Austin, TX
4. Halloween
One of the best months ever? Possibly.

Picture time!

This building looks like a Sandcrawler, right?

We met Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca). We got his autograph on his book, My Favorite Giant. We also met George Takei and Billy Dee Williams (he thought my name, Cali, is short for California) and a couple voice actors from the Clone Wars TV series on Cartoon Network. We have autographs from all of the previously mentioned people. It was AWESOME!

R2-D2! A fan had built this and was driving him around the convention. It was impressive!

 A side note: Yes, Danny and I met George Takei while we were wearing Star Wars t-shirts. You know what? He didn't even care. We told him that we love Star Trek too! And he is all for Star Wars and Star Trek getting along and both being awesome. He did some voice work in the Clone Wars cartoon show.

Okay, back to pictures.

I decided I wanted an Autumn themed birthday party. Check out the fantastic cupcakes my friend, Alex, made! Those are chocolate trees. (my favorite kind of tree! ha ha!)

Happy Birthday to me!

Donut-hole acorns with Nutella. I found them on Pinterest and I just had to try them out. Here are the instructions. I highly recommend.

Danny bought me some lovely and colorful daisies.

My cupcake. It was a small party, but it was fun!

On my birthday I decided that I wanted to visit the creek that is across the street from where I grew up. I spent some good times exploring that creek back in the day! Danny, Alex, and I had a little creek outing. It was lovely. Oh, I found this "please order here" sign.

Being the intrepid explorers that we are, Alex and I "discovered" these "waterfalls" and named them Tulio & Miguel Falls and Miguel & Tulio Falls. It's a Road to El Dorado thing. I, um, can't remember which is which. We have had this problem before. We discovered them several years ago.

Company Retreat!

We brought Lego Imperial officers, since it was a company retreat. It seemed appropriate. Danny's company is awesome and they are in no ways like the Death Star or anything like that. The theme was "super hero" for the retreat. Their company mascot is a dolphin. I felt like the picture might need some explanation..moving on...
we each got a t-shirt. I think the Legos were threatened by the dolphin.

The retreat was at the Lost Pines resort. It was a nice and fun place. They also had a lazy river. I floated around that thing for a while. Danny and I went on a hike during some of our free-time.
Grand Moff Tarkin, and some of his buddies went on the hike too. We took a break.
Saturday night was a big dinner. People were encouraged to wear super hero costumes. Here are the guys getting ready.
They have their costumes on!

I went as Super Grover. I also made that costume.

Danny dressed as Gambit from X-Men. He put together his costume. We made an interesting couple.

Enjoying some Kolaches from the Czech stop in West, Texas. Oh man, those are good!
Happy Halloween!
Danny and I participated in our church's Trunk-or-Treat and Halloween carnival. It was super fun!

We did a cupcake-cake-walk for the kids. I signed up to bring some cupcakes and after agonizing over what type of fun Halloween cupcakes to bring, I settled for "dirt" cupcakes. Fun stuff!

Bork! Bork! I dressed as the Swedish Chef. I could not find good facial hair for my costume. Bummer!

Danny is dressed as a Star Wars character (shocking, right?). This is, Plo Koon. He is a pretty cool Jedi. He is only briefly shown in the movies. Plo Koon has been in the Clone Wars tv show though! That is what I know him from.

Plo Koon eating popcorn out of a Star Wars popcorn tin.
On that note, I think it is time for us to travel to November!

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