Wednesday, June 06, 2012

September 2011

Welcome to September 2011. Are you getting the hang of this time-travel thing? I know I am.

Danny is an IT Consultant. A lot of companies have their consultants travel all over the place. It was one of the things we knew about consulting when Danny decided it was the career he wanted. Wonderfully, the company he works for does a lot of local work. Of course there are exceptions. From about September-December Danny traveled to Oklahoma City nearly every week for work. He carpooled with some other guys from the same company. He would leave Monday morning and come home Thursday night. The team would work remotely out of their home office on Friday. It was an interesting experience. Danny and I talked on Google + Video chat. It was almost like he was still home! We missed each other but we both found other things to occupy our time. I spent time with friends and went about my normal life. Danny took Lego Clone War clone troopers with him. He took the coolest photos of these troopers at different places and around the hotel. He has an album on Facebook called "Oklahoma City Clones: Adventure of the 5OK1st". It is a word play on the 501st. Here are a few pictures. I will put Danny's captions from Facebook.

It's like a sign that they belong here.

This way men!

Eying the pool

This things built like a tank!

I don't think this is the type of shipyard we normally visit...
You can see that Danny had a good time! I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures he took. Of course several of them have cheesy puns involved!

During September we went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with my mom and step-dad. He meets up with some buddies to golf. They go almost every year and this year they decided they would drive and invited Danny and I to drive with them.

The trip was lovely. The ocean is one of my favorite things, especially the Atlantic Ocean. I can have a favorite ocean if I want to, and I want to.

I had never been to South Carolina before and Danny had never been on the East Coast before. (makes sense, the man grew up in California).

It rained on our drive out to Myrtle Beach and a few of the days that we were there. Danny and I love the rain. Let me tell you something, rain anywhere is awesome, but if you get a chance to be near the ocean while it is raining, jump on that chance! (unless it is a hurricane and your life is in danger). As I said earlier, I love the ocean. There was something about rain on the beach and watching it rain over the ocean that made me never want to move from my chair again. I wanted to sit there watching it rain on the ocean forever! Mom and Alan thought we were crazy for liking the rain so much! Maybe they were right.

I have some Myrtle Beach pictures! Let's take a look...

a storm rolling in

lovely bit of rainbow
watching the sunrise from the balcony of our condo

Hello Atlantic Ocean! I adore you.

The last morning we were there. The picture does not accurately show exactly how beautiful the sun through the clouds and hitting the water was. Boy, oh boy.

Look at the store Danny found! He loves purple. Everything in this store was purple! It was pretty fun. Also, check out my husband's vacation attire.

This duck is swimming in a fountain. I am extremely entertained by this. Silly duck.

I have more pictures of Myrtle Beach somewhere, but I am not sure where at the moment. If I find them I will make another post. There are some good ones, I think. Also, if you want to see any of the pictures on this blog larger, you can just click on them! Easy peasy!

You now know about September 2011. Shall we check out October? I think we shall. It was a busy month. See you in October!

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