Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

We have now traveled to 2012!

I am going to summarize what has happened so far this year. I do not have as many pictures for this stuff. (you're thinking, "thank goodness!" ha ha)

January 2012:

I really can not think of much that happened in January. I feel like I was sick most of that month with a cold or allergies or both. My head was not my friend!

I began working with the primary presidency at church. The primary is for children ages 3-11. It includes Sunday school lessons, and singing time. I am the secretary so I am the keeper of all things roster related. I absolutely love it! The kids are all so much fun! I enjoy the ladies that I serve with too! 

February 2012:

Danny had a birthday! I made him meatloaf, fried okra, mashed potatoes, and lemon cake. I decorated the table with purple and star wars things that he already had. We did not have a party. He did enjoy the meal and decorations though!

March 2012:

My great-great aunt Mildred passed away. She lived in Tennessee. My dad decided he would attend the funeral and he invited me along.
Thursday: Dad calls and tells me Mildred passed away.
Friday: Dad calls and tells me he decided to go to the funeral that is on Sunday. He invites me to go with him. I say yes and then remember I should talk to Danny about it first. Danny is on board with it so I say yes for real.
Saturday: Dad and I drive to Memphis and stay the night there. We had Memphis BBQ. They used a lot of paprika!
Sunday: We had breakfast at Waffle House and drove the rest of the way to Lawrenceburg, TN. We made good time getting to Lawrenceburg so Dad and I drove around Davy Crockett State Park. I saw the creek where a great injustice in my childhood occurred. We attend the funeral. It was as nice as a funeral can be. I met a bunch of Tennessee family that I had never met before. The ladies from Mildred's church cooked a luncheon for the family (delicious!). Next, Dad and I drove to Mildred's home and get a super old (over 150 years) bed frame to take to my Grammie in Arizona. Then we go back to Davy Crockett State Park to right the injustice.

When I was 7 and we still lived in Arizona, my mom, dad, grammie (dad's mom), brother, and I went to Tennessee. During that trip we went to Davy Crockett State Park. Dad remembered this creek from when he was a kid and for old time sake, took off his shoes and went wading in the water. I have had a life long love for water and I wanted to join in the fun. My mom would not let me. She said (and was probably right) that I would end up falling in. We did not have extra clothes or towels with us at the time. So there was my dad wading in a creek and I did not get to. Remember, I was 7. I don't think I got too upset. I'm sure something distracted me soon enough. But I always remember that event and think how funny it was that there was my dad acting like a little kid, and me, the actual little kid at the time, did not get to play in the water. Well, we had some time after everything and so before we drove back to Memphis, Dad and I stopped at the creek and I took off my shoes and waded in the water a little bit. A wrong was made right. 

What makes this even better, I was in a dress. Luckily, I did not slip and fall so I was okay and my dress was okay. Also, when Dad and I were moving the 150 year old bed frame, I was rocking my purple converse with an olive green dress. I knew we were going to have to move some furniture so I brought something besides my heels along with me. It is okay to be a little jealous of my fashion sense. Wow, I can hear the eyes rolling from here!

After the fun at Davy Crockett State Park, Dad and I drove back to Memphis.

Monday: Woke up super early and drove back to Dallas. I felt like I had not even left even though so much happened in those couple of days!

My aunt Mildred led a good, long, and full life. The funeral was sad but not in a depressing way. It was lovely to meet family and I had fun road tripping with my dad. I am glad I went.

April 2012:

I do not have the pictures sorted for this trip yet, but I will post a few later.

My mom, brother, his wife, and I drove to Arizona to surprise my Grandpa (mom's dad) for his 80th birthday. The surprise was a success and we had a great time. I was in charge of decorations for the party. Of course I loved doing that!

My brother, Jenn (his wife), and I drove down to Mesa area to visit my dad's side of the family. It was so good to see that family too! One of my cousins had been in a very severe long boarding accident the week before we were in Arizona. We were able to visit him in the hospital. Thankfully, he made a very speedy recovery and is okay. The family had quite a scare though!!

All in all the trip to Arizona was great! It was hard seeing my cousin so injured, but we saw him improving while we were there and that was amazing! I loved visiting with all my family that was there. I just adore all of my grandparents! As a bonus, we ate some very delicious food too.

May 2012:

Danny began serving as a Family History consultant with church. He is pretty excited about this! His job is to help educate and help guide people with working on their family history. He is also working on his own family history.

And, welcome back to the present!

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Thanks for sharing. Had fun mentally traveling through time.